Research officer

Project: BioGME Project – CommercializationDerakhshaan

Education and Qualifications:

  • Master of Science in Agricultural Engineering (Plant Breeding), Isfahan University of Technology, ” Thesis: Evaluation of Genetic Diversity for Resistance to Fusarium Root Rot  in  cultivated and wild Safflower”
  • Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering ( Agronomy and Plant Breeding), Isfahan University of Thechnology
  • Completing the course of “Hydroponic Cultivation” in the Esfahan Technical and Vocational Training Organization


  • Derakhshan, M.M. Majidi, Y. Sharafi, A. Mirlohi, ” Discrimination and genetic diversity of cultivated and wild safflowers (Carthamus spp.) using EST-microsatellites markers”, Journal of Biochemical Systematics and Ecology, Vol. 54, pp. 130-136, 2014
  • Derakhshan, A.R. Akhavan, M.R. ‘sabzalian, M.M. Majidi, A.F. Mirlohi, and B. Sharifnabi, ” Evaluation of cultivated and wild Safflower genotypes resistance to Fusarium root rot disease”, 19th Iranian Plant Protection Congress, Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection, Tehran, Iran, 2010
  • Derakhshan, A.R. Akhavan, A.F. Mirlohi, M.M. Majidi, M.R. ‘sabzalian, “Evaluation and selection of pathogenic isolates of Fusarium solani associated with safflower damping in Isfahan province for use in breeding programs”, 1st National Oilseed Plants Conference, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering , Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran, 2009

Work Experience:

  • Research officer: Nano Vahed Sanat Persia
    • Work on the Project “BioGME – Commercialization”
  • Administrative staff: Isfahan University of Technology
    • Research and Technology Affairs
  • Secretariat staff: Isfahan University of Technology
    • ۲nd International Electric Industry Automation Congress (EIAC2014)
  • Research Assistant: Faculty of Agricultural Engineering, Isfahan University of Technolog
    • Work on the Project” Genetic diversity of Safflower species using molecular markers”
  • Lecturer: Azargol Agricultural High School, Najafabad, Isfahan

Skills and Achievements:

  • Application of Molecular Markers in Plant Breeding
  • Traditional and Modern Methods of Plant Breeding
  • Hydroponic Cultivation
  • Statistical Soft wares: SPSS, PowerMarker, SAS
  • Web Designing
  • Good Command of English