Control and Enhance the water quality in Aquaculture,for warm water fish and Shrimp

Contractual party: Nano Vahed Sanat Persia

Beginning year: 2014IMGA0985


BioGME project is started with the aim of optimal management of nutrient cycle in the aquatic ecosystems which includes managing the use of BioGME organic matter, Stina 400 and OSeal C5 solutions and evaluation of alkalinity, acidity, nitrogen compounds, dissolved oxygen, along with optimal management of food consumption in warm water fish and shrimp culturing environments.

Results and Achievements:

  • Increase organic matter load in water and supply materials needed for photosynthesis cycle
  • Increase photosynthesis zone depth
  • Control plankton population
  • Supplying needed oxygen by controlling photosynthesis-respiration process.IMG_1153 - Copy1
  • Reduce food consumption and saving costs
  • Reduce the amount of aquatic solid waste and control BOD& COD in aquaculture environment

The impacts of the project:

  • Enhance the water quality
  • Increase production rate
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Significant reduction of losses in summer
  • Improving the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR(