BioGME cultivation method to increase the quantity and quality of greenhouse products (soil and hydroponic cultivation)

Contractual party: Nano Vahed Sanat Persia

Beginning year: 2013img


  • Increase efficiency and greenhouse production performance up to European countries’ standard level
  • producing quality , durable and healthy products
  • Modifying Physicochemical properties of planting bed such as soil structure and texture, pH, Electrical Conductivity(EC), Cation Exchange Capacity(CEC)
  • Water consumption efficiency and enhance water quality
  • Increased load of beneficial microorganisms in the soil

Results and Achievements:

  • Increase the shelf life of plants
  • Increase plant resistance to environmental stress and Reduce the use of pesticides (healthy crop production)
  • Producing long lasting fresh crop
  • significant reduction in greenimg-whouse soil alkalinity and salinity in the optimal absorption of nutrients level
  • Increased cation exchange capacity (CEC) and providing suitable environment for root absorption
  • Developing BioGME cultivation method in the vegetable and cucurbits greenhouses and training greenhouse experts
  • A significant increase in the quantity and quality of greenhouse products using BioGME cultivation method

The impacts of the project:

  • Economical efficiency in the use of pesticides
  • ۳۰% reduction in water consumption
  • Saving labor wages and use of machinery