Contractual party: Nano Vahed Sanat Persia

Beginning year: 2012R--i-ce


  • Increase the quantity and quality of field crop production
  • producing quality , durable and healthy products
  • Modifying Physicochemical properties of cultivation bed such as soil structure and texture, pH, Electrical Conductivity(EC), Cation Exchange Capacity(CEC)
  • Water consumption efficiency and enhance water quality
  • Increases soil flora load, ranging from free-living and coexist microorganisms in nitrogen cycles, phosphorus, potassium and soil physics breeders

Results and Achievements:

Applying BioGME cultivation method contains following matters:

  • Evaluation of physicochemical characteristics of the soilax-ricea
  • Evaluation of chemical characteristics of the water
  • Managing BioGME compost application
  • Managing the application of Stina and Oseal solutions and BioGME liquids
  • Managing the application of nutrient and other agricultural inputs

Which have had favorable results in agricultural field:

  • Increase crop yield
  • Increased product quality

The impacts of the project:

For instance, the results which have been confirmed by the Department of Agriculture Jihad and the farmer’s house (Khanehkeshvarz), are presented:

Rice Fields:


The performance comparison between

 BioGME compost consumption with Chemical fertilizer


BioGME Control

Percetage change

The Maximum performance (kg per hectare) ۹۲۲۷ ۸۱۶۸ ۱۳%
The Minimum performance (kg per hectare) ۵۳۳۳ ۳۸۰۰ ۴۰%
The Average performance (kg per hectare) ۶۷۱۸ ۵۰۸۸,۴ ۳۲%


Average consumption of BioGME compost per hectare ۵۳۸٫۴ kg
The price per kg of BioGME compost (granular) ۱۱۰۰ toman
The average price of consumed compost ۵۹۲۲۴۰ toman
Average consumption of liquid BioGME ۳٫۵ liter
The average price of consumed liquid BioGME ۱۲۹۲۰ toman
The average price of  consumed (Stina and Oseal) ۳۰۶۴۰ toman
The average increase in performance per hectare in effect of BioGME ۱۷۶۹ kg
The price per kilogram of Tarom rice, (government agreed purchase in 1393) ۶۱۰۰ toman
The average increase in sales (per hectare) ۱۰۷۹۰۹۰۰ toman
The average increase in revenue (per hectare) ۱۰۱۵۵۱۰۰ toman