Contractual party: Nano Vahed Sanat PersiaLiquid-soil-condi-rice

Beginning year: 2011


BioGME organic compost (in the form of powder or granules) is produced from the recycling of agricultural wastes (crop,
livestock) to enhance soil physical and chemical properties to improve the absorption of nutrients needed by plants.

Results and Achievements:

BioGME Organic Compost is classified as a soil amendment compound based on Approval No. 243/3201 (dated 2014) by the ministry of Agriculture Jihand – Soil and Water Research Institute of Iran. Unique production process of this product, includes modern scientific methods and advanced oxidation processes, is done at Nano Vahed  Sanat Persia the way that:

  • Decline the total time of composting process from 3-4 months to 10-12 days.Liquid-soil-condi-gandom
  • Prevent nutrients loss in the compost.
  • Ability to enrich the compost by other plant needed materials tailored to soil conditions.
  • Cause a significant reduction in pathogens and increase beneficial bacteria.
  • Provide ideal Environmental conditions for the root network
  • Increase access and absorption of nutrients for plant Xylem.
  • Prevent soil nutrients accumulation (salinity).
  • Prevent soil compaction (non-ventilation)
  • Reduce chemical contamination of water and soil resources
  • Prevent soil erosion and improve eroded soil
  • Increase efficiency in water consumption

In order to achieve successful results, a nutrient consumption instruction and farm engineering method has been developed, which tailored to plant need and water and soil characteristics of cultivating bed named BioGME cultivation method.

The impacts of the project:

  • High absorption of nutrients, adding materials tailored to the needs of the plant and the implementation of “precision IMG_2879agriculture”
  • Improve plant growth and vigor against biological and non-biological stresses.
  • More concentrated sap because of increasing  the nutrient absorption ability and increasing passive root absorption, plant resistance to cold and frost
  • Increase yield by BioGME consumption (increasing germination, plant growth, yield components)
  • The plant strengthening and resistance to lodging
  • Increase soil organic matter as much as desired (increase CEC, soil aggregation and soil acidity and alkalinity adjustment)
  • Improving water consumption efficiency (aggregate revival, spongy soil structure and increase soil water holding capacity)