The combustion improvement in the hot rolling preheating furnace of Isfahan’s Mobarakeh Steel Complex using active nanofiltration technology


Contractual party: Isfahan’s Mobarakeh Steel Complex

Beginning year: 2013                                      


Active nano-filtration system using Alostina filters with nano-scale improvers is designed with the following objectives:

  • Proposing optimal and innovative solutions to improve combustion process, fuel consumption and reduce environmental pollutants using nanotechnology
  • Improve the air as the extent to help complete combustion and thus improve the performance of combustion system in the furnace with the aid of specified chemical interactions.
  • Improving the performance of combustion systems reduce energy consumption and decrease the amount of emissions.

Results and Achievements:22

  • Significant reduction in fuel consumption
  • Reduction of environmental emissions by reducing the temperature of furnace flue
  • Reduce the temperature of combustion initiation
  • Increase the combustion efficiency
  • Reducing excess air in combustion process
  • Prevent incomplete combustion of fuel
  • Reducing oxidation in the flue

The impacts of the project:

  • Significant energy saving
  • Move towards sustainable development and significant elimination of emissions
  • Compliance with the Kyoto Protocol and Clean Energy which is on the agenda of all countries
  • Increase technical know-how and improve technology

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