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Nano Membrane Bio Reactor (NMBR) for waste treatment – نانو واحد صنعت پرشیا

Nano Membrane Bio Reactor (NMBR) for waste treatment

Contractual party: Nano Vahed Sanat Persia
Beginning year: 2009

  • Producing basic technology using improved methods of treating organic waste to mineral
  • Utilizing a combination of Nanofiltration and biotechnology to reduce treatment costs and pr۱۷۸eserve the nutritional value in the recycling process

Results and Achievements:

  • BioGME enriched compost production technology
  • Liquid Fertilizer production technology
  • Speed up the process of producing compost and liquid fertilizer
  • Producing compost and liquid fertilizer, enriched with macro and micro nutrients
  • A significant reduction in the microbial load products
  • Quick recycling of water
  • Clean fuel production technology

The impacts of the project:

  • Reducing Environmental contaminants and greenhouse gases (NH3, H2S, CO2, …)
  • Developing Sustainable Agriculture Technology
  • Producing clean fuel (biogas, etc.)


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