Multifunctional Nano Composite Coating for Power Transmission Line to Improve Electrical and Mechanical Properties

Contractual party: Esfahan Regional Electric Company

Beginning year: 2010                              


In this project by using nanotechnology, new and improved approaches to design and build a nano-co
mposites is presented and the assessment of methods to implement it as a coating on transmission lines to improve the mechanical and ele
ctrical parameters is carried out.

Results and Achievements:

  • 90% Reduction of Corona losses in transmission lines
  • significant reduction of heat losses in transmission lines
  • producing frost resistant coating to use in cold climate regions an reduce ice damages
  • Reducing conductor temperature due to the heat exchange increasment

The impacts of the project:5

  • Significant saving in energy consumption
  • Reduce environmental contamination caused by corona losses
  • Create significant added value in the power industry by reducing power consumption in power transmission lines

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