Edible Fruits and Vegetables Coating(Oseal Family)

Contractual party: Nano Vahed Sanat Persia

Beginning year: 2009


The purpose of this project is controlling the inner fruit during postharvest transmission and warehousing, using biocompatible and edible compounds to produce a protective coating as a semi-permeable barrier on the surface of the fruit so that it can:

  • Reduce fruit respiration rate
  • Reduce gases diffusion
  • Provide an ideal environment tailored to the needs of fruit
  • Be washable with water from the fruit surface

Results and Achievements:

  • Preserving the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables
  • Preserve the Natural Color and Flavor of Fruits and Vegetables
  • Significant increase in fruit and vegetable post-harvest lifetime.
  • Reduce wastage in fruit and vegetable whole supply chain
  • Increase water consumption efficiency

The impacts of the project:

  • Reduce indiscriminate wastage in agricultural products and create national wealth
  • Create added value in agricultural products supply chain