Awards and Patents


Ranked first technology entrepreneur in the country, 5th National Sheikhbahaie Festival,2009
Best Product in the field of research and development chosen by Isfahan House of Industries Mine and Trade, 2010
Top innovator in the third International Conference on Innovation and Economic Justice,2010
Rank first  Trophy of Third National “Science to Action” Exhibition by Isfahan Governor-General Deputy of management development and human resource, 2010
Ranked  first  researcher in the 7th Research and Technological Achievements  of Isfahan, 2011
Ranked first technopreneur company  in the 12th  “Celebrating the best researchers and technologists” Festival, 2011

Ranked first company that have the highest number of commercialized technologies, among  the companies based in the Isfahan Science and Technology Town,2011

Ranked first technology entrepreneur in the country, 8th National Sheikhbahaie Festival,2012

Ranked first entrepreneur in the 7th  ” Provincial Superior Entrepreneurs” Festival ,Isfahan,2012
Ranked first technopreneur in the Isfahan province, by the Isfahan Governor-General, 2012
Ranked  first  technopreneur in the 8th Research and Technological Achievements  of Isfahan, 2012
Top entrepreneur in the country in the field of agriculture  ,۷th  National ” Superior Entrepreneurs  Appreciation” Festival( Emtenan), 2012 
Excellence prize in the 17th  Annual ASPA( Asian Science Park Association) Conference, 2013
Excellence prize in the Business Plans Presented in Techno Bourse for NMBR ( Nano Membrane Bio Reactor) Technology,9th National Sheikhbahaie Festival, 2013






























  • “Durable and Water Soluble Edible Lipid Micro-emulsion for Post-harvest Protection of Fruits and Vegetables entitled Chitin Seal”, Patemt-No. 69623, 2011.
  • “Aeration Atmosphere modification of Waste Water Advanced Oxidation Process Treatment System with Photo Catalyst.” Patent-No. 72155, 2011.
  • “Nano-Composite Coating for Lost Reduction in Power Transmission Line.” Patent-No. 72364, 2011
  • “Protective Drainable Sugar Beet Coating for Extending Storage Time, Preventing Sucrose Losses and Increasing the Rate of Sugar Extraction.” Patent-No. 78251,2012.
  • “Preparation of (Tio2-Sio2-Ag-Chitosan) Biocompatible Nano-composite Reducing the Loss in Power Transmission Line and its Relevant Transmission Instruments.” Patent-No. 78339,2012.
  • “Water and Wastewater Treatment, Combining of Aeration Atmosphere Modification, Photo-catalytic and Ultrasonic.” Patent-No. 82361, 2013.